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We are manufacturers and exporters of colourfull suspended visual actives made of natural plant polymers for use in manufacturing of personal care cosmetics.

Our products are offered under the brand name of SPHERA®. Working for more than a decade, we have gained a noteworthy position in the global markets as the manufacturers and exporters of various types of Micro Encapsulated Actives for application in personal care cosmetics. Our products are in compliance with the international quality standards and norms.


We are a renowned manufacturer of an assortment of Micro Encapsulated Actives required in manufacturing of personal care cosmetics. Our products are hygienically processed and suitably packed. The encompassing range of our products comprise of:


Milliglobule is a soft, spherical, structure made from 100% natural plant polymer material in which vitamins, oils, waxes, oil soluble herbal extracts, natural essential oils and fragrances, aroma therapy oils, micronised powders are homogeneously dispersed in the particle. Colourants and Glitters can also be encapsulated. The globule breaks easily on gentle application of pressure, blending into the skin, leaving no debris.



Microsphere is analogous to a spherical sponge where vitamins, herbal extracts, essential oils, fragrances and various oil soluble actives can be uniformly dispersed similar to a sponge that takes up and holds water in its structure.



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